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Miron Bococi at FOR HORSE

Miron Bococi at FOR HORSE

Born in Maramures, Romania, Miron Bococi had lived in Barcelona 15 years ago. He began to work on training foals and preparing and re-educating horses. Few years ago he decided to show his work as a show to demonstrate that connecting and communicating with a horse is not only possible but it is also tremendously beautiful. Now, he will show his craft about how unique can a bond between a human and a horse be, how can they enrich each other, to all visitors of FOR HORSE 2020.

 All this communication is based on the subtlety, respect and deep knowledge of the horse's mind. We (humans) are the ones who travel to the horse’s world and this experience makes us understand not only how they communicate, but also how they think and how they feel. This is not a simple trip and only with great humility and patience the horse will reveal its secrets.



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