Event venue - LETŇANY

You will find at the fair - FOR HORSE


Exhibitor: KEY LOOK s.r.o. - Hala - 5, Stánek - A21

At our stand GLORD.CZ You can find 20 various flavours of GLORDIES DAINTIES and unique ARGOBS FEED - feed without fungi and dust, perfect for sensitive, short-winded and alergic horses - for example the ALPINE GREEN MASH, that was given the innovation award or GREEN ALPINE MUSLI for metabolically sensitive horses, and very popular NATURMUESLI or the unique GREEN OATS in form of chopped straw, feed for seniors or LIGHT DELIGHT for plumps, MAISCOBS for skinnies, KRAFTKPAKET or STRUCTURED MUESLI WITH BLACK AND YELLOW OATS for runners and many more quality feeds. You can also find a cold-pressed LINNEN OIL GLORD with a high amount of natural source of essential fatty acids omega 3 - almost 60% and FOOD SUPPLEMENTS GLORD.


Horse trailers

Exhibitor: CENTRUM PRIVESU s.r.o. - Hala - 5, Stánek - B12

CENTRUMPRIVESU.CZ - exclusive representatives of the German HUMBAUR will present some trailers for transporting 2 horses, next a French horse trailer THEAULT PROTEO for 2 horses nad 5 people in a very interesting setup. Isometric trailers WT-METALL for dog transport will also be availibe at the stand.

Lavender and donkey

Exhibitor: - Hala - 5, Stánek - B19

Two worlds whose connection will we present. From the hills of Sunny South French Provance we bring lavender, lavender essence or even lavender honey. We mixed those with donkey milk from allways-fresh Azores and created a magical Manon cosmetics. You will also find out about our favourite book from Robert L. Stevensone Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes. We will gladly present an opportunity to come to the beautiful Těchonice and to trek the surrounding area with our donkeys. And to finish the experience You wil also meet the Lavender Dandy (Levandulový Švihák) - soft sparkling wine with lavender and blueberry. More on


Our line of cosmetic line Manon we have joined the calming and healing aspects of lavender from under the Provance Mont Ventoux mountain with donkey milk. But not just any donkey milk. Far in the Atlantic ocean, there lies the islands of Azores. And on them a donkey farm Asinus Atlanticus. Organic and sustainable animal-rearing on fertile island pastures, lots of room for pasture and fine milk processing by a process called freeze-drying. Those are some of the reasons we are proud on our cooperation.


Exhibitor: MVDr. Jiří Pantůček - Hala - 5, Stánek - B27

„The most beautiful look at the world is from the back of a horse..." says an old proverb. We are adding "from a back of a healthy and well-maintained horse". That is why the TOPVET - MVDr. Jiří Pantůček company brings a comprehensive program for horses with high added value and a maximal effectivity to offer Your horses a quality care. Various veterinary doctors, leading Czech and foreign breeders, riders and jockeys had contributed during product development. During the conception, we put maximal emphasis on the quality of used materials and their combinations for effective use of the active compounds potential. The resolut are products that take care of Your horses with a maximum level of effectivity with a high application comfort. We are convinced that Your horses will love products Topvet for horses and will gain all the benefit and satisfaction there is. For Your comfort while choosing and applying we had prepared a wide range of products together with a variety of packages types. Topvet for horses products fulfill even the most demanding requirements for care about both the top racing steeds and hobby horses.

Addi Brothers Industries

Exhibitor: Addi Brothers Industries - Hala - 5, Stánek - B20

Addi brothers industries are specialists in leather and equestrian accessories. We are professional manufacturers and exporters of leather hats, leather caps, horse bits, stirrups, farrier tools, rider gloves, chaps and western clothing. Our quality is outstanding and we are confident enough to know we can satisfy our customers. We strive to give our customers the best quality and the highest standard of leather products on the market, being the manufacturers, we can assure this to our customers. Our promise is to meet every customer demand and provide you with a pleasant experience.

Lavender Shampoo and Shower Gel with Donkey Milk

Exhibitor: - Hala - 5, Stánek - B19

Product enlisted in the competition GRAND PRIX

Softening and nourishing shampoo and shower gel for wholebody use, package contains 250ml in a plastic container with an aluminium lid, selling price 249CZK, merchandise is regularily availible in our shops or delivered within 6 days from our e-shop.

Because of the high concentration of donkey milk in the product (0,5%) from a farm on Azores and a mixture of lavender essences (1%) from South French Luberon region have positive properties for skin application. It has antiseptic, soothing and moisturizing effects, and skin tests have proven excellent resoluts for atopics and exematics.

Product is already in sale.

Horse feeds and hydrothermal oats - a unique technological processing in Czechia!

Exhibitor: ADW FEED, a.s. - Hala - 5, Stánek - B26

ADW FEED, a.s. company is a member of the ADW, a.s. holding and is a purely Czech firm, which focuses on the nutritional systems, counseling and manufacturing of feed for horses and other livestock. We produce only the highest quality feed and as the only ones in the Czech republic offer the products from hydrothermically processed grains. These products are characterized by high digestibility and usage of starches, proteins and fats. We will gladly present all our products at our stand. Looking forward to Your visit


Exhibitor: WESTERN-JAAN s.r.o. - Hala - 5, Stánek - B07

We have started with hats in 1993 and it still keeps us till today. Dear country & western fans, we will gladly welcome You at our stand on the outside area with a wide offer of western fashion and accessories. Come to see, try and get Yourself one of many new hat patterns, belt buckels, scarvesjackets, shoes and more. We will dress You from tip to toe..... Looking forward to Your visit. Jiří a Alena Navrátilovi


Exhibitor: EquiDressage CZ, s.r.o. - Hala - 5, Stánek - B05

Höveler is a German manufacturere of horse products, such as feed, müsli, herbs and another supplements enhanced by vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Apart from a Reformin Plus brand You can find a range of products from brands such as Höveler, Puritan, Equinova, Höveler Herbs and Höveler Western. All producst are made from the best possible ingrediences. Very interesting line of producst from Höveler is PURITAN, which is full feed for horses with metabolical issues or the premier supplements line for horses EQUINOVA. The official representatives of Höveler Spezialfutter Werke GmbH & Co. KG for Czech republic is the EquiDressage CZ company.

Horse crematorium

Exhibitor: Šimon & Šípek s.r.o. - Hala - 5, Stánek - A04

Krematorium koní is the only horse crematiorium, which offers services of cremating horses, ponies and other larger animals in the Czech republic. We cooperate with a horse crematorium in Germany - namely Dank und Treu, of which we are the exclusive representatives on the Czech market. We are a member of Prague Animal Crematorium (Krematorium zvířat Praha) and our goal is to offer services for horse and pony breeders in a way for them to have a proper and dignified farewell with an animal companion that walked the path with them for a number of years. In our Prague crematorium we focus on pets only (dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.). Horse cremations takes place in our crematorium in Germany.

Fashion not only for horseriding - Covalliero

Exhibitor: KETRIS s.r.o. - Hala - 5, Stánek - A14

Ketris company is focusing on selling a wide range of farming products and pet supplies. It also offers supplies and equipment for horse and riders. Ketris s.r.o. will present a selection for horses and riders on FOR HORSE Fair, especially the equestrial fashion brand Covalliero, which prides itself on quality merchandise for adequate prices. An indisputable advantage of this clothing line is that it is not intended only for horseriding. With its sophistication, the jackets and vests are ideal for wearing to nature as well as in a city. A virtue of the brand are modern colors and intelligent details together with sophistication and functionality (permeability, wind and rain resistance). Customers of all ages and stature will find sweatshirts, jackets, vests, breechers and riding gloves. It is no suprise that the number of satisfied customers steadily increases.When we talk about riders, we cannot forget about horses. A saying "a harmony of horse and rider" gains a new dimension. You and your horse can be aligned from tip to toe. The offer is wide - ear caparisons, saddle blankets, horse blankets, bandages, halters or leashes. So not only you can align your jacket with breeches, you can "dress" your horse in same colors as well. The entire collection of Covalliero brand can be seen at the website and of course at the FOR HORSE Fair in Prague. You will have the opportunity to make sure not only about the quality and style of Covalliero brand, but also about the price availibility. Covalliero for horses and riders can be a love at first sight.We are looking forward at Your visit on our stand. Ketris s.r.o.

Lavender Cream with Donkey Milk

Exhibitor: - Hala - 5, Stánek - B19

Product enlisted in the competition GRAND PRIX

Nourishing and softening cream used for skin care, package includes 50ml in a glass container with an aluminium lid, selling price is 380CZK, merchandise is regularily availible in our shops or delivered within 6 days from our e-shop.

Because of the high concentration of donkey milk in the product (3%) from a farm on Azores and a mixture of lavender essences (2%) from South French Luberon region have positive properties for skin application. It has antiseptic, soothing and moisturizing effects, and skin tests have proven excellent resoluts for atopics and exematics.

Product is already in sale.

Exhibitor: Tekro, spol. s r.o. - Hala - 5, Stánek - B33

E-shop is operated by Tekro, spol. s r.o. company, which has an exclusive representation of german horse feeds from Eggersmann and Mühldorfer brands in Czech republic. Feedshop provides a full product range from feed for low, medium and high load, to special therapeutical feeds, sweets or müsli. Thanks to the wide offer, you can find an optimal solution for health, comfort and efficiency of your horse. Come visit our stand in Hall 5 and get a discount coupon for Your purchase at the e-shop Feedshop -

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