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Ride of the Kings will kickstart the FOR HORSE Fair

Who can become the so-called "pentecost king"? Why is the king dressed in women clothes, his face covered ribbons and has a rose in his mouth? What purpose has his retinue? Where does this tradition originates? These questions and many more will be answered during this years' FOR HORSE Fair, where this traditional folk custom exclusively presented to the public by Kunovice banderium.

Visitors can look forward to a specific dress of the horses, which is tied to this tradition, and which differs by the location of the ride of the kings and by the position in the banderium. This ornamentation is composed by a large number of paper roses, fringes, ribbons, bows, hearts and coins. Their creation takes a lot of time and handy women hands. Separate decorations are then weaved into horse tails and manes, their bridles and halters, or they are intertwined in large portions, which are fasten on a turkish scarf and cover the hips and the entire back of the horse. Part of the decorations of each horse in banderium is also a large ribbon heart, which horse carries on its breast. 

Kunovice banderium will present this old moravian slovakian custom in which apart from the king himself, you will see bannercarrier, crier - collector in traditional dress from Kunovice in saddles of Czech-Moravian Belgian horses. Part of the banderium will also be a two-horse carrige of breeding stallions of Czech-Moravian Belgian breed from Zemský hřebčín Tlumačov (Czech stud farm Tlumačov) - Amazon and Santys - which will have the honor of carrying the king and his parents.

The task of the criers is to reach out by rhyming to anyone that banderium visits and ask them for a gift for the king and his retinue. For every gift, there is thanks to every inhabitant of the house and usually a wish of all good to them.

Ride of the kings is such a unique regional tradition that it in November 2011 it was added on the list of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO. 

The Ride of the Kings is without a doubt one of the few beautiful traditions that are hidden under a veil of mystery and secrets. No one can undoubtedly say why the ritual of initiation of boys into men actually begun, it is important however for it to be perserved in authentic form for future generations. Under normal circumstances, the Ride of the kings could only be observed in a handful of towns and villages in Moravian Slovakia and Haná. Now, you have the opportunity to get to know this ancient traidition either alive or in Prague during the Night Horse Show or through the photo exhibition of Mr. Ing. Dalibor Gregor, which will too be a part of the Fair. Kunovice banderium is looking forward to meeting you.

Daily program in the HORSE ARENA

We are preparing a rich accompanying program for you for every day of the Fair in the Horse Arena in Hall 5, where you can comfortably sit on the grandstands.

Day by day timetable can be found in the "Accompanying program" section on the left sidebar.

Examples from the program:


  • Horse polo performace
  • Donkies - breed utilitization 
  • ZH Písek a ZH Tlumačov – cold blooded stallions examples - squaredance
  • Petra Zemanová and Diablo - freeriding
  • Paravaulting - Česká hiporehabilitační společnost (Czech Hipporehabilitation Society)
  • Minihorse - jumping
  • Silesian Noriker Mares display - Farma Klokočov (Klokočov Farm)
  • Haraldos Stunt Brothers - trick riding
  • Veronika Živnová, Pura Raza Espanola - 
  • ZH Tlumačov - horse carriage with Moravian Belgians
  • Stáj u Sepíka (Stables at Sepík) - welshpony and their usage
  • Pony Farma (Pony Farm) - haflingers and irish cobs square dancing
  • Shetland pony - using the breed throughout the history
  • Fjordi Stará Paka (Fjord horses Stará Paka) - pushball
  • NOVUS ORIGO - frisian horses performance
  • J. Benářová Smíšková - riding welshponies with kids, natural communication
  • J. Podzemská - Minihorse in a harness
  • David Provazník - examples of western speed competitions
  • Ranč Sokolí hnízdo - DOM VAQUERA
  • Haraldos Stunt Brothers - knight jousting
  • Prague Municipal Police - terrain work 

Donkey braying at FOR HORSE Fair!

All donkey breeds use the same "language" when communicating. Their characteristic braying is accompanied by additional hoarsing sounds and sighs and the volume and intensity can startle and even scare the unaquainted, especially when a "solo" performance is joined by more donkey "singers" and the whole chorus sing together.

The numerous and varied collection of donkies of differend breeds will be very attractive especially for children visitors of FOR HORSe, who knows this animal mostly just through fairy tales and movies. Now, they will be able to see with their own eyes the representatives of the largest and the smallest of the breeds. A premier will be the showcase of the smallest donkey breed in the world - miniature Mediterranean donkey - a year old jack called EROS, born on Llama farm in Malá velen, whose "KVH" (Absolute hight) will not exceed 91,44cm. Original home of miniature donkies were the islands of Sardinia and Sicily, but they are nearly gone at those locations. The 1930's saw a massive export of the miniature donkies to the USA, where this breed became popular and nowadays hosted the strongest breeds in the miniature donkies population in the world.



One of the first american breeders had described the temperament of these small beauties like this: "A miniature donkey is as gentle as a newfoundland dog, as peaceful as a cow, as persistent as a mule, as brave as a tiger and only a slightly less intelligent than a man." Visitors of the Fair can make sure these words speak true. Not only Eros the jack, but a ten-memebers collection of donkies, who were prepared for the Fair by the members of the Donkey Specialist Association, will be presented to the viewers during daily accompanying program and the breeder section, as well as the presentation of their use. Looking forward to meeting the children are: Aladin, Coba de Ezel, Merel, Pepíček, Severka, Mikuláš, Barro, Eros, Amigo a Bobík.


In the rythm of fiery Flamenco

Flamenco is a stable part of the iberian culture, as well as Spanish horses. One cannot be without the other. It is no coincidence that the rythm of flamenco perfectly resonates with a rythm of a good step and gallop of a Spanish horse. Thankfully to the company ASALTEE, visitors to the FOR HORSE Fair can enjoy this unique experience during a joint show by a well-known flamenco dancer Denisa de Gregori, who lately portraited the role of Carmen in Slovakian National theater, and four horses of the Pura Raza Espanola breed, ridden by Veronika Živnová, Eliška Šmedková, Pavla Sokolová and Jiří Sokol. Together, they will interpret the beautiful ambiance of typical Spanish celebration, where women and girls, dressed in colorful dresses with wide flare skirts and with flowers in their hair, dance in the streets and with their joy from life and spontaneity are able to enchant and charm every viewer. We belive that the same experience will grasp our visitors of Fair.

Pro Rodeo Czech Association

Pro Rodeo Czech Association (PRCzA) is a registered association organizing rodeo competitions of the highest quality with the emphasis on Animal Welfare. The collection of cattle-ranching, roping and racing disciplines and ruleset follows the american association and a traditions of rodeo. Since 2009 the PRCzA organizes a yearly racing series ProRodeo Tour, which crowns both ProRodeo Champion and the National Champion and which provides the opportunity to participate in a high-quality rodeo events for advanced riders, but also both beginners and juniors. 

More information about the Association including the calendar of events can be found on or on our Facebook page The representatives of the PRCzA are looking forward to meeting any supporters, new or existing riders and fans of rodeo at FOR HORSE Fair on 6th - 7th of April at the Animal Centra, spol. s r.o. stand - a common stand of WEST4US.CZ and FARMAN.CZ in Hall 5, section B. On Saturday the 6th of April, there will be a small show from Association in the Accompanying programm.


Hana Vašáryová and Filipa at FOR HORSE SHOW

Leading Czech dressage rider Hana Vašáryová will perform with her awsome ten-years-old hare Filipa at the NIGHT HORSE SHOW. Hana Vašáryová had won the Czech Championship three times, the Czech Dressage Cup three timers had became the Rider of the Year thrice and became the overall winner of the Pavo Riding Cup.

Medieval Jousting on FOR HORSE!

Accompanying program of FOR HORSE will present knight jousting and shows of falling from horses by Haraldos Stunt Brothers.



Quality equestrian supplies from Addi brothers

Addi brothers industries are specialists in leather and equestrian accessories. We are professional manufacturers and exporters of leather hats, leather caps, horse bits, stirrups, farrier tools, rider gloves, chaps and western clothing. Our quality is outstanding and we are confident enough to know we can satisfy our customers. We strive to give our customers the best quality and the highest standard of leather products on the market, being the manufacturers, we can assure this to our customers. Our promise is to meet every customer demand and provide you with a pleasant experience.


FOR HORSE Ticket Sale

Western by David Provazník

Western riding presented by David Provazník with his horse Star Go To Impress, who is headstrong but always good and calm companion that loves his master.

David is a multiple winner of Stake race and Key hole race on European Championship Appaloosa 2017 and 2018.

Para-vaulting at FOR HORSE SHOW

Equestrian para-vaulting, acrobatics on horseback, is in essentials identical with vaulting but it is specially modified for people with health or mental handicap. Para-vaulter performes gymnastics on a bareback horse, either alone, in couples or in groups.

In para-vaulting performances of the Czech hipporehabilitation society (Česká hiporehabilitační společnost) you will see the cold-blooded horses in a ring. The cold-bloods may not as appealing, but they are gentle, patient and helpful, especially toward children. Their step is distinct but comfortable, their wide enough back gives the feeling of comfort and safety. 




Ride of the Kings

An ancient custom, registered with the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO. 


Not enough to just see it. HAVE TO EXPERIENCE IT!


An exhibition from the Ride of the Kings Kunovice will kickstart the Accompanying program of FOR HORSE Trade Fair and the night FOR HORSE SHOW.


Petra Zemanová and Diablo

Petra Wiktoria Zemanová loves horses since early childhood. Her first horse was a friesia mare Rimke de Beleerd from Netherlands. After a couple of years, she crossed paths with Diablo, with whom she started to devote more time to racing and High School Dressage. Her goal is to continually educate herself in horseriding and to move further in Classical Dressage and Bareback riding.

On FOR HORSE SHOW, Petra Zemanova and Diablo will present the examples of Classical dressage and Bareback riding. 

Ride of the Kings - photo exhibition from Dalibor Gregor

Ing. Dalibor Gregor

Is among the foremost professional horse photographers. He is an author of more than 55 successful books on this topic and his books are admired by readers in many countries in Europe and further. 

In the last couple of years, you could have seen his photographs at following exhibitions:

Black and White • Lipizzans - my love (Lipicáni – moje láska) • Lipizzan - horse king and king of horses (Lipicán – kůň králů a král koní) • Beauty of French Camargue horses, the charm of Provence (Krása francouzských koní z Camargue, šarm z Provence) • "Parforse" hunting (Parforsní hony) • Beauties of Thoroughbred in Napajedla (Krása anglického plnokrevníka v Napajedlích) • The Nobility of horses (Ušlechtilost koní) • Pozor, vyletí kůň! • and many more.



Mr. Gregor started an international project HORSES FOR KIDS (KONĚ DĚTEM) in 2009, which aims to create and deepen positive connections between children and animals.One of many goals is to integrate ill or handicapped children to animal-based events.

Dalibor Gregor has travelled for horses all around Europe.

He had published books based on his travelling which had captivated professionals and public alike. 

His personal motto is:

„Nobility and beauty of horses force you to start thinking about yourself“


Fashion not only for horseriding - Covalliero

Ketris company is focusing on selling a wide range of farming products and pet supplies. It also offers supplies and equipment for horse and riders. Ketris s.r.o. will present a selection for horses and riders on FOR HORSE Fair, especially the equestrial fashion brand Covalliero, which prides itself on quality merchandise for adequate prices.

An indisputable advantage of this clothing line is that it is not intended only for horseriding. With its sophistication, the jackets and vests are ideal for wearing to nature as well as in a city. A virtue of the brand are modern colors and intelligent details together with sophistication and functionality (permeability, wind and rain resistance). Customers of all ages and stature will find sweatshirts, jackets, vests, breechers and riding gloves. It is no suprise that the number of satisfied customers steadily increases. 

When we talk about riders, we cannot forget about horses. A saying "a harmony of horse and rider" gains a new dimension. You and your horse can be aligned from tip to toe. The offer is wide - ear caparisons, saddle blankets, horse blankets, bandages, halters or leashes. So not only you can align your jacket with breeches, you can "dress" your horse in same colors as well.

The entire collection of Covalliero brand can be seen at the website and of course at the FOR HORSE Fair in Prague. You will have the opportunity to make sure not only about the quality and style of Covalliero brand, but also about the price availibility. Covalliero for horses and riders can be a love at first sight.


We are looking forward at Your visit on our stand.

Ketris s.r.o.

Veronika Živnová and Sarmiento II.

MVDr. Veronika Živnová has been working with Spanish horses for a number of years. She had the opportunity to get to know them and to work with them in Italy, where she had ridden and  presented them at horse shows in Verona, Milan and Rome. She also collaborates with the Royal school in Jerez, which is a world-class riding school. She promotes iberian culture in connections with horses and flamengo. You can see her craft during the Night Horse Show.


You can look forward to:

- Zemský hřebčín Tlumačov / Czech stud farm Tlumačov

- Dressage under the guidance of Petra Minářová

- Spanish riding school

- Classical and natural riding performed by Petra Zemanová

- The art of equestrial paravaulting from Česká hiporehabilitační společnost / Czech hipporehabilitation society 

- Fantasy show with trick riding elements from Haraldos Stunt Brothers

and more!

FOR HORSE Fair - Second time around!

After the first successful year 2018, which was visited by almost 36 thousand people, the next annual FOR HORSE will occur between the 4th - 7th of April 2019, and will be bigger than before - more exhibitors, wider accompanying program with a presentation of various horse breeds, dressage, work with horses, jumps, but also an artistic show and much more. Part of the Fair will newly be a unique horse gala in Friday and Saturday evening.

Final Report 2018

Apply now for the best available location and discounted prices!

FOR FAMILY(FOR KIDS, FOR PETS, FOR HORSE) is opening their gates  04-07 April 2019 for all the children with their parents, pet lovers, horse fans and anyone who is interested! We build on the success that attracted over 289 exhibitors and over 37 000 visitors from all around the world.


If you are willing to be a part of this event and see yourselves as one of the exhibitors, the right time to apply is NOW! The advantages of applying now are the perfect available location and the cheapest prices. 


Do not hesitate to ask for an individual offer, calculation or any other question

The second edition of FOR HORSE

We gladly announce that the second edition of the trade fair FOR HORSE will take place on 04-07 April 2019 once again at PVA EXPO Prague! 

We build on the success of the previous and the first edition ever held in the capital city, which attracted 289 exhibitors and over 37 000 visitors in the net exhibition area of 19 210m2. 

Apply now for the best available location and the cheapest prices!




1. See the application form HERE 

2. Fill, sign and stamp the application form and send it to the contact email below


3. You will receive an invoice for a deposit and when the payment is made, you will receive the location.




How do I ship my products to the fair? Is there a storage? 

- for logistics, storages or anything related, please contact : CENTRUMSPED s.r.o., Filip Červený - Forwarders  Mobile: + 420 : 602 501 381, E-mail:


What is included in the price? 

- It is very individual and depends on your orders, for making the exact calculations, please contact the email below.


Where can I find the list of exhibitors? 

-  it will be published on our website, you can find the list of exhibitors from the previous fair in the final report below 


Can I still apply after the deadline? 

- it depends on the availability, but we will do our best to work this out 





Payments are made via bank transfer in CZK or EUR only 


Additional payments upon registration at the fair are made only in cash (we have an ATM right next to it) 


In case of any questions please contact : 

Ilona Junusmetova

Foreign trade manager

M: +420 739 003 158

T:  +420 225 291 185

British companies at FOR PETS

British companies will present themself at the FOR PETS trade fair, with the presentation of pet supplies and horse supplies. They will also look for a new partner or representative at the Czech market. You can find them at the Conference hall 1, at the Entrance hall 1 on Friday 13.04.2018 from 11:00 till 12:00 you may be able to join their presentation about the new trends from the UK. 


Every day, visitors will see 5 dozens of horses from almost all breeds reared in the Czech Republic.
You can look forward to:

* Guide and assistance minihorses

* Hippotherapy and contact therapy with horses

* Foursquare and push ball fjord horses

* Friesian horses under saddle and carriage

* Performance of Hucul horses

* Miniature horses

* Pony of all sizes

Each day we are preparing for morning and afternoon performances of horses.

The first closing deadline at preferential prices

Do not miss the opportunity to apply for the most preferential prices and have a guarantee of a good location by applying right now!

The first closing deadline is already 30 November 2017


The first trade fair FOR HORSE in Prague!

We gladly announce our second trade fair for horses, breeders and lovers of horses in PVA EXPO PRAGUE.


The four-day event will be bringing the competitions, demonstrations, new trends and many more for everyone.


Our concept is very simple: we want to help connect people who share a great passion for horses and invite them to come together in one place.


Please note, that space is limited and the first closing deadline for the discounted price is 15.02.2018

You can find the application form HERE 

Final Report 2018