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Donkey braying at FOR HORSE Fair!

All donkey breeds use the same "language" when communicating. Their characteristic braying is accompanied by additional hoarsing sounds and sighs and the volume and intensity can startle and even scare the unaquainted, especially when a "solo" performance is joined by more donkey "singers" and the whole chorus sing together.

The numerous and varied collection of donkies of differend breeds will be very attractive especially for children visitors of FOR HORSe, who knows this animal mostly just through fairy tales and movies. Now, they will be able to see with their own eyes the representatives of the largest and the smallest of the breeds. A premier will be the showcase of the smallest donkey breed in the world - miniature Mediterranean donkey - a year old jack called EROS, born on Llama farm in Malá velen, whose "KVH" (Absolute hight) will not exceed 91,44cm. Original home of miniature donkies were the islands of Sardinia and Sicily, but they are nearly gone at those locations. The 1930's saw a massive export of the miniature donkies to the USA, where this breed became popular and nowadays hosted the strongest breeds in the miniature donkies population in the world.



One of the first american breeders had described the temperament of these small beauties like this: "A miniature donkey is as gentle as a newfoundland dog, as peaceful as a cow, as persistent as a mule, as brave as a tiger and only a slightly less intelligent than a man." Visitors of the Fair can make sure these words speak true. Not only Eros the jack, but a ten-memebers collection of donkies, who were prepared for the Fair by the members of the Donkey Specialist Association, will be presented to the viewers during daily accompanying program and the breeder section, as well as the presentation of their use. Looking forward to meeting the children are: Aladin, Coba de Ezel, Merel, Pepíček, Severka, Mikuláš, Barro, Eros, Amigo a Bobík.


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In the rythm of fiery Flamenco

Flamenco is a stable part of the iberian culture, as well as Spanish horses. One cannot be without the other. It is no coincidence that the rythm of flamenco perfectly resonates with a rythm of a good step and gallop of a Spanish horse. Thankfully to the company ASALTEE, visitors to the FOR HORSE Fair can enjoy this unique experience during a joint show by a well-known flamenco dancer Denisa de Gregori, who lately portraited the role of Carmen in Slovakian National theater, and four horses of the Pura Raza Espanola breed, ridden by Veronika Živnová, Eliška Šmedková, Pavla Sokolová and Jiří Sokol. Together, they will interpret the beautiful ambiance of typical Spanish celebration, where women and girls, dressed in colorful dresses with wide flare skirts and with flowers in their hair, dance in the streets and with their joy from life and spontaneity are able to enchant and charm every viewer. We belive that the same experience will grasp our visitors of Fair.

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Pro Rodeo Czech Association

Pro Rodeo Czech Association (PRCzA) is a registered association organizing rodeo competitions of the highest quality with the emphasis on Animal Welfare. The collection of cattle-ranching, roping and racing disciplines and ruleset follows the american association and a traditions of rodeo. Since 2009 the PRCzA organizes a yearly racing series ProRodeo Tour, which crowns both ProRodeo Champion and the National Champion and which provides the opportunity to participate in a high-quality rodeo events for advanced riders, but also both beginners and juniors. 

More information about the Association including the calendar of events can be found on or on our Facebook page The representatives of the PRCzA are looking forward to meeting any supporters, new or existing riders and fans of rodeo at FOR HORSE Fair on 6th - 7th of April at the Animal Centra, spol. s r.o. stand - a common stand of WEST4US.CZ and FARMAN.CZ in Hall 5, section B. On Saturday the 6th of April, there will be a small show from Association in the Accompanying programm.


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Hana Vašáryová and Filipa at FOR HORSE SHOW

Leading Czech dressage rider Hana Vašáryová will perform with her awsome ten-years-old hare Filipa at the NIGHT HORSE SHOW. Hana Vašáryová had won the Czech Championship three times, the Czech Dressage Cup three timers had became the Rider of the Year thrice and became the overall winner of the Pavo Riding Cup.

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Medieval Jousting on FOR HORSE!

Accompanying program of FOR HORSE will present knight jousting and shows of falling from horses by Haraldos Stunt Brothers.



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Quality equestrian supplies from Addi brothers

Addi brothers industries are specialists in leather and equestrian accessories. We are professional manufacturers and exporters of leather hats, leather caps, horse bits, stirrups, farrier tools, rider gloves, chaps and western clothing. Our quality is outstanding and we are confident enough to know we can satisfy our customers. We strive to give our customers the best quality and the highest standard of leather products on the market, being the manufacturers, we can assure this to our customers. Our promise is to meet every customer demand and provide you with a pleasant experience.

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Western by David Provazník

Western riding presented by David Provazník with his horse Star Go To Impress, who is headstrong but always good and calm companion that loves his master.

David is a multiple winner of Stake race and Key hole race on European Championship Appaloosa 2017 and 2018.

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Para-vaulting at FOR HORSE SHOW

Equestrian para-vaulting, acrobatics on horseback, is in essentials identical with vaulting but it is specially modified for people with health or mental handicap. Para-vaulter performes gymnastics on a bareback horse, either alone, in couples or in groups.

In para-vaulting performances of the Czech hipporehabilitation society (Česká hiporehabilitační společnost) you will see the cold-blooded horses in a ring. The cold-bloods may not as appealing, but they are gentle, patient and helpful, especially toward children. Their step is distinct but comfortable, their wide enough back gives the feeling of comfort and safety. 




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Ride of the Kings

An ancient custom, registered with the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO. 


Not enough to just see it. HAVE TO EXPERIENCE IT!


An exhibition from the Ride of the Kings Kunovice will kickstart the Accompanying program of FOR HORSE Trade Fair and the night FOR HORSE SHOW.


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Petra Zemanová and Diablo

Petra Wiktoria Zemanová loves horses since early childhood. Her first horse was a friesia mare Rimke de Beleerd from Netherlands. After a couple of years, she crossed paths with Diablo, with whom she started to devote more time to racing and High School Dressage. Her goal is to continually educate herself in horseriding and to move further in Classical Dressage and Bareback riding.

On FOR HORSE SHOW, Petra Zemanova and Diablo will present the examples of Classical dressage and Bareback riding. 

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